Mary Ann Santin (Reynolds) was born in Melbourne, Australia. A family relocation to Adelaide saw ambitious restorations of dilapidated Victorian houses in and around North Adelaide, South Australia. This passion for renovation explains much of an artistic interest in reconfiguring and giving new life to the discarded and unwanted. 

Recent installations utilised recycled vineyard orchard netting in countryside ruins and the South Australian landscape.


Medium/ Disciplines: Material Play artist

Santin is an interdisciplinary artist creating installations of paint and object. These installations employ many different processes, including carved wood, beaten copper, cast cement and recycled orchard netting. 

   Oil and polymer paints, as well as found pages, old drawings and texts are built into the paintings. As works are often site specific, the artefact changes according to its end destination. 

I do, I undo, I redo. Make, unmake, remake. Trying, failing, doing it again.

Louise Bourgeois 


Public and Community Art

Santin has worked on place-making initiatives with many communities throughout South Australia. The work has featured in public spaces including the Adelaide International Airport, the State Library of South Australia, on Adelaide's city street verges and in the South Australian countryside.

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Mary Ann Santin